Thursday, March 11, 2021

Home Remodel

 Just when we're almost finished fixing up the laundry room, Jenny and I have started working on our kitchen.  It's been needed since the day we moved in here.  Old dark brown walnut cabinets, hung too low, in a relatively small space.  Makes it feel like you're in a tiny little room.  

We took down the cabinets over the peninsula already and that has made a world of difference. We had a 7 foot pantry cabinet that we've removed, too. Now we're staring at the real work.

Found some great wood cabinets on Facebook Marketplace and picked them up about a month ago.  I have an entire kitchen plus worth of cabinetry in my garage right now. All that's left is to rip out the flooring and really start putting back. 

Hope to get this started next week and finished by the end of summer. "Hope" being the key word.

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